State of Russia in the surrounding world. Analytical book 

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Articles from analytical book 2000:

  • Foreword to the annual–2000

  • Putin V.V. Mineral-natural Resources in the Development of Russian Economy

  • Marfenin N.N. Ecology and Humanism

  • Timofeeva L.N. Lessons from the Elections of MP and the President in Russia

  • Mokievsky V.О. Environmental Issues in Programs of Different Parties and Organizations.

  • Sudo М.М. Environmental and Social Consequences of Military Resolution of Yugoslavian Conflict (March 24-June 9, 1999)

  • Fituni L.L. Financial Globalization and Capital Flight from Russia

  • Dumnov A.D. Kulagina G.D. Natural Resources Management in Russia From the Statistical Point of Views (Trials of Retrospective Analysis)

  • Prokhorov B.B. The Public Health in Russia During the Last 100 Years (1897-1997)

  • Kurov B.A. How to Decrease the Environmental Pollution From Vehicles?

  • Khalii I.A. The “Green” Activity in Russia at the End of 20th Century

  • Appendix 1

State of Russia in the surrounding world 2000

State of Russia in the surrounding world

Analytical book 2000

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Analytical book 2000

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