State of Russia in the surrounding world. Analytical book 

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Articles from analytical book 1999:

  • Foreword To the Annual - 1999

  • Lvov D.S. Moiseev N.N. Russia in Search of a Third Way: Landmarks of 2001

  • Medvedev Zh. A. The Debts of Russia

  • Sergeev V.A. Zaitsev A.A. Has Russia Been Caught in a Crucial Dependence on Importation?

  • Prokhorov B.B. The Health of Russia’s Population by Regions

  • Chuenkov V.S. Forests Resources of Russia

  • Fedorchuk V.P. Is Russia Truly in Possesion of Vast Mineral Resources?

  • Lulof I. Russia in the Surrounding World - a View from the Small Country of Holland

  • Kolesnikova V.B. The First “Greens” Court Victories That Have Been Obtained in Russia.

  • Marfenin N.N. Environment, Economics and Politics in Russia

  • Dan S. Flavin C. Responding to the Threat of Climate Change

  • Semenov E.K. Enormous Influence of El-Nino Phenomenon on Fluctuation of Weather and Climate of the Entire Planet.

  • Appendix 1

State of Russia in the surrounding world

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