State of Russia in the surrounding world. Analytical book 

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Articles from analytical book 1998:

  • Foreword

  • Flavin C. The Legacy of Rio

  • Losev K.S. Danilov-Danil’yan V.I. The problems of sustained development of the humankind

  • Klimenko A.V. Klimenko V.V. Is the humankind responsible for global warming?

  • Solov’yanov А.А. Ozone crisis and the Montreal Protocol

  • Prokhorov B.B. Health of the Russian population

  • Kazankova E.R. Sudo М.М. Energetic resources. Oil and natural gas. The passing century

  • Menshikov V.F. Russia with nuclear energetics or without it

  • Petrikov A.V. Is Russia at the threshold of finding a solution for the food problem?

  • Mokievsky V.О. Protection of wild natural resources in Russia

  • Zabelin S.I. Environmentalist movement in Russia before and after perestroika

  • Marfenin N.N. Russia’s way of reforms – an ecologist’s point of view (Great concern of environmentalists: development towards a better future or on the account of future?)

  • Appendix 1

State of Russia in the surrounding world

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